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Forever Ashbury. was started in 2007 by co-founders Johnny Phan & Quy Do. These two young men have always dreamt of starting a lifestyle brand that can transcend across all platforms of creativity. But of course, like many brands, Forever Ashbury had very humble beginnings. Starting in Quy’s garage, this is where they would work day and night making their own t-shirts and selling them to their friends. The response was overwhelmingly great from the start. With consistent hard work through their street team and online website, Forever Ashbury was able to open their first store in December 2011 in their home town, Long Beach, California.

In the middle of 2011, with their do it yourself attitude the guys at Forever Ashbury took on the monumental task of building their store themselves. Not because they wanted to do it themselves but because they couldn’t afford to hire private contractors. This is true testament to doing something out of pure necessity and passion. They could have easily built a store using furniture from Ikea and craigslist. But the guys at Forever Ashbury would never be satisfied with having another typical boutique. Instead they chose to spend over 5 months slaving away to build their dream store. From purple carbon fiber wrapped doors, countertops, and chairs. To custom made koi pond display tables and fish tanks. The gentlemen at Forever Ashbury let their creativity shine in every piece of their store without limits. We are Forever Ashbury.